Cockroaches Are Common Home Invaders In Australia

There are more than 3500 species of cockroaches found all over the world. In Australia there are four types of cockroaches that are most common. They are the Australian, German, Oriental, and American species.

Cockroach Characteristics

Even though the different species of cockroach vary in color and size, they all have the same basic characteristics. Their bodies are a flat and oval in shape. They have 6 legs and long antennae. They are also very fast which in return makes them hard to catch. Their colors can vary from a reddish-brown to dark brown to black depending on their species. They also can be very large or somewhat small in size.

Where They Call Home

The Australian cockroach is more prevalent to the outside of the home. They can be found hiding under wood piles or tree bark. If there is a compost pile near the home, most likely they have invaded and claimed that as home . Just like other cockroaches, once they have entered a home they can be found in many places. They love kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers. They can easily make a home in the cracks and cervices of a wooden floor. Furniture that is not used often makes a great place to hide. They are fond of paper so magazines and books are a great hiding place. Just about any cool dark place were they will not be bothered, they are sure to be hiding.

What Cockroaches Feed Upon

Cockroaches are not to picky on what they will have for dinner. They eat whatever you leave behind. They will eat everything from crumbs on the floor to the juice that was spilled in the kitchen and not cleaned up. Food that is left out and not covered or vegetables and fruit that has gone bad are all delicacies for the cockroach.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Them

The most obvious reason to have them removed is that they are ugly bugs that make people nervous. They also may cause humans to become ill. These pests have a tendency to leave their waste, eggs, and egg shells all over your home;including on your dishes and silverware. Besides the fact that it is not an appetizing thought that you may eat their waste, this is the way they could transmit a variety of illnesses. There is also some discussion on the fact they could cause allergy problems in some humans.

Even the cleanliest homes can have cockroach problems. The best way to to get rid of these pests is to contact a professional. Please contact us so we can determine where the cockroaches are hiding and help you get rid of these ugly pests for good.

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